The Cure of Disease by Osteopathy, Hydropathy and Hygiene A Book for the People by Ferdinand L. Matthay

A small volume addressed to the general public, dispensing health advice and illustrating some osteopathic techniques.

Publisher: sconosciuto

Year of publication: 1900

Number of pages: 104






This book belongs to a number of many initiatives aimed at the financial exploitation of the new science of osteopathy. In the introduction the author declares to have written the text as a guide for housewives, missionaries, travelers, and the thousands of chronically ill people.

The volume offers information on osteopathic treatment and hygienic remedies, highlighting the poisoning nature of drugs. Although to become an osteopath many years of study were required, the author observes that many treatments are so simple that can be administrered by anybody, without any kind of training. 

After enunciating the principles of hygienic medicine, osteopathy and hydrotherapy, Dr Matthay lists a series of diseases, describing for each of them the symptoms and the osteopathic treatment, often linking it to an illustrative photo. 

The following pages focus on water, sun and mud baths, completed with generic advice to remain in good health. On page 82, a few paragraphs on the importance of knowing one’s own body close the book. 

There is an analytical index to facilitate the consultation of the volume.

Weaknesses: a book of mere historical interest. One of the many books issued to exploit financially the new science of osteopathy. At the end of the volume there are some commercials of correspondence or evening courses of two institutions of Chicago. It is also suggested the purchase of a booklet on the great secrets of the marital and sexual happiness by the same author, available by writing to him directly.

At the end of the volume, a page is dedicated to another activity of the author, who offers to express his medical advice by correspondence to anybody sending him the answers to the 19 questions listed at page 85, together with a dollar and an envelope already addressed and stamped for Dr Matthay to send his reply.


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