Osteopathy and Dentistry

In the dental field, the osteopath works in cooperation with dentists for an integrated management of the conditions of structural and functional alteration at the level of the mouth, teeth, jaw and cranial bones.

Far from being sectorial or hyper-specialized, osteopathy in the dental field shows its ability to have global repercussions on health. Beyond mechanistic simplifications, the mouth is an area of the body that in recent years is increasingly being studied as: 1) home to a microbiota whose balance is central not only for digestion, but for nervous, immune and reproductive health; 2) has been discovered an endocrine axis called HPEA – hypothalamic-parotid gland endocrine axis – that relates the stress experienced by the body with dental and buccal health.

Through these aspects, it has been seen that a sick mouth can favor the onset of degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s or predispose the body to autoimmune responses. As a result, osteopathy in dentistry plays a major role in diseases prevention and health promotion in the long run.

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